Borough of Manasquan, New Jersey


Do you have experience in the cable television industry?  

Do you have interest in improving our local community access programming?

Do you like to volunteer and help improve our community?

Then you may be interested in becoming a volunteer member of the Borough of Manasquan Cable Television Advisory Committee.

Sign up today for consideration. Openings are limited.

Here are some of the responsibilities include

   The Cable Television Advisory Committee shall:

a.     Monitor and evaluate the operations and services of any cable television franchisee servicing the municipality to determine compliance with applicable municipal ordinances and franchising agreements.

b.     Monitor and evaluate the community's level of satisfaction with the services of the cable television franchisee.

c.     Identify the community's cable television related goals and needs.

d.     Monitor and evaluate legislative, regulatory and technological developments in the field of cable television.

e.     Oversee the operation of any municipal access channel which may be established.

f.      Advise the Office of Cable Television of any complaints or problems relating to a cable television franchise in the municipality, and with the consent of the Borough Council, appear at any official hearings conducted by the Office of Cable Television.

g.     Coordinate efforts amount various municipal organizations, groups and governmental agencies to recommend local program content on cable television and promote coverage of public affairs, educational and sports events.

h.     Establish relations with other communities being served by the cable television franchisee and any statewide organizations to assure input and programming and services beneficial to subscribers and the municipality.

i.      Evaluate all issues related to franchise renewal.

j.      Periodically report on its activities to Borough Council.
        (1972 Code § 6C-7; Ord. No. 1608-93)





201 East Main Street • Manasquan, New Jersey 08736

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