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Manasquan’s New Flood Advisory System

Know in advance when flooding is forecast by signing up for Manasquan’s new flood advisory system!  Manasquan has partnered with Stevens Institute’s Davidson Laboratory in utilizing their Flood Advisory System and has developed warning thresholds for Manasquan residents.  The system will warn you when tidal flooding is forecast within 8 hours prior to the high tide occurring. 

Manasquan Flood Advisory System

Simply click on the link above or visit and enter your email where it says “Manage Email Notifications.” Then select “Watson Creek at Manasquan” as your site. The system is currently set up with the ability to email alerts, however, residents can receive the alerts as a text message on their phone by adding their cell as an alternate email.  To do this, you must enter your 10-digit cell number followed by the email gateway for your respective carrier (AT&T is; Sprint is; T-Mobile is; Verizon is

Sign up for high tide alerts: ***UPDATED***

Manasquan’s tide gauge can send wireless alerts to your cell phone or email to notify you that flooding is occurring…

Instructions for signing up for tide/flood alerts:
 1. Click the USGS link below, click on "Subscribe to WaterAlert" just below the tide graph
 2. Select mobile phone or email alerts & enter info including carrier
 3. Select hourly notification frequency
 4. Select "Greater than" and enter the flood height that you would like to be alerted for.

Reference tide heights in Manasquan in NAVD88:

  • Average high tide: 1.67
  • Average spring tide: 2.37
  • Flooding begins on Brielle Rd/Main St.: 2.57
  • NWS Minor Coastal Flooding: 3.47
  • NWS Moderate Coastal Flooding: 4.47
  • NWS Major Coastal Flooding: 5.47
  • Hurricane Irene: 5.9
  • 1992 Nor'easter: 7
  • Hurricane Sandy: 9.9

5. Check that you have read the disclaimer and click "submit"
6. Reply to the confirmation email to subscribe (do not change subject or type anything)

That’s it… You will now be subscribed to water alerts!
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To report an emergency, call the Manasquan Police Department at (732) 223-1000 or dial 911

201 East Main Street • Manasquan, New Jersey 08736

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