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Borough of Manasquan
Administrator’s News Letter
May 2008

 The Mayor and Council have authorized several projects within the Borough. Part of my responsibility is to implement these projects, and to seek grant money where possible.


Riverside Drive Bulkhead:

    1. Our engineering professionals, T&M Associates, is working with the County on obtaining approval from DEP on a bulkhead design for this area. A CAFRA permit is needed and will dictate the type of material we can use as well as the extent of and location of the bulkhead.

Life Saving Station:

    1.  Following bids coming in much higher then expected, the Public Property and Grounds Committee has been working with HJGA to develop a plan to phase the interior work to stay within the available funding.

    2. An amendment to the HJGA contract was approved at the last Council Meeting for HJGA to provide change design to address concerns that the Committee had with the original proposal. The changes include using gas heat in place of the proposed electric heat, adding insulation to the walls which was not part of the original bid and the installation of a fire sprinkler system.
    3. The Committee is working to get the revised bid packet out as quickly as possible. HJGA has advised the committee that they feel that the bid, even with the additional scope of work, will come in within the funding available. HJGA feels that due to additional certified bidders and the economic climate the bids should come in within projections. 
Ocean Ave, Brielle Road, and Inlet Comfort Stations:
      1. Punch list items remain on this contract award; however the work is to a point that we have opened the Inlet and Brielle comfort stations and should have Ocean Ave open this week. New floors have been installed along with automated flushers.
      2. The actual schedule of times the restrooms are open is on line.
Virginia Ave Phase II
      1. A survey form had been sent out to the residents of Virginia Ave to gain their opinion on what the scope of the project should be. No one responded that they wanted to have the underground utilities installed at this time. The majority of those who responded indicated they would like to see the Borough install curb, sidewalk and overlay work as part of Phase II.

      2. On the May 19, 2008 Council Meeting the Council will decide on the scope of the project.

Riddleway & Fourth Ave Bulkhead:

      1. The contractor has been working and we hope that the two projects are completed by Memorial Day weekend. As a result of our preconstruction meeting last fall, it was our understanding that the work would be completed in early March; however this is not the case. The contract completion period is later than March and we are working with T&M to get this project completed.
Safe Routes To School:
        1. The goal of this grant is to encourage elementary school students to walk or bike to school.

        2. The Borough and School has filled two applications to the State under their Safe Routes to School grant program. The applications would provide funds for an incentive program and the other application would replace curbs and sidewalks around the school. The Police Department and PTO worked with the School Administration and town to put together the application.

Monmouth County Open Space and Recreation Grant

    1. Monmouth County is again accepting application under this program. In the past the town has been successful in obtaining grants for the acquisition of Sea Watch and Schafer’s Grove, as well as a passive recreation component for the Squan Beach Life Saving Station.
    2. The Council will be discussing this year’s application.
    Department of Transportation Grants
        1. The Borough is considering submitting two grant applications under the 2009 DOT grant cycle.
        2. One grant would be for funding to assist the Borough with the Glimmer Glass drainage project along South Jackson Ave.
        3. A grant for Phase I of the Central Ave project is also being considered. Phase I would involve the replacement of the sewer line along Central Ave, which is in poor shape.

Inter local Agreement

    1. Council has appointed a committee to explore opportunities for inter local agreements. This Committee is being headed by Councilman Jim Kinneally. The Committee is open to explore shared services in all areas of Borough Operations.

    2. Currently we are looking at sharing a vehicle wash station. Under the State’s “Storm Water Regulations” the washing of public works vehicles will be regulated. Manasquan is currently talking with the State and County to see if their local operations will be open to municipalities. In case this does not work out, we are looking at establishing a facility that can be shared by several municipalities. The cost of this facility will be between $150K to $450K.
    3. Along these lines, I am meeting monthly with the Administrators from the local area to discuss other operations that can result in shared services.
    Military Beach Passes
        1. The Borough provides free access to active duty military personnel and their families. A valid identification is required.
    Riddleway Gazebo
        1. Last fall repairs / renovations were done to the Riddleway Gazebo. This work was done with a donation made by a resident of town. This resident is providing for repairs to the Riddleway Gazebo, caused by winter damage. The Gazebo will be re-stained before Memorial Day Weekend.
    Water Tower Painting
        1. Several years ago the water tower was painted. The Borough detected problems with the paint application and has been pursing additional work from the contractor and bonding company. The Borough Attorney has been able to settle the matter. Painting repairs will be made to the areas that did not adhere properly. That work is schedule for the week of May 19th.
    Stockton Lake Park Recreation Center
        1. The Borough has received approval from CAFRA for an amendment to the CAFRA permit for the Stockton Park project. The approval shows the footprint of the building in the cul-de-sac area near the current Little League building. This approval is on file in the Borough Clerk’s Office.
        2. Building design, beyond the footprint, will be considered by the Public Property and Grounds Committee in the near future.
    Brielle Road Bridge
        1. The Borough Council adopted resolution 69-08 in regards to the Brielle Road Bridge. The council took a position opposing making the bridge one way or using alternating lights. They encourage the County to make the bridge safe and capable of handling emergency vehicles. A copy of the resolution is available at Borough Hall.





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