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Borough of Manasquan
Administrator’s News Letter
October 2008

 The Borough Offices have been quite busy since my last news letter. The beach season is also a hectic time for a shore community, and this year was no less hectic.

Hopefully, you will find this information helpful and informative.

  1. Virginia Ave Project: Phase I of this project involved replacement of the sewer line on this street, and hooking up homes from an older water line to a newer larger diameter line. This work was completed. We are now almost complete with Phase II of this project, which involved new concrete curbs and sidewalk, the resetting of slate curbs and sidewalks (where requested) and overlaying of the roadway. The engineer will develop a punch list for the contractor to apply the final touches. Once this is the done, the contractor will post a maintenance bond for two years. Prior to the release of the bond, any problems with materials or labor will need to be addressed. Both Phase I & Phase II of this project involved partial grant funding from the Department of Transportation.
  1. South Jackson Drainage: This project is out to bid. This project will address the drainage issue along part of South Jackson Ave. The Borough was successful in obtaining $550,000.00 in grant funding from the Department of Transportation.


  1. Bulkhead Work, Fourth Ave and Riddleway: This project was completed in early summer, however we did have some problems coordinating the lighting connections at Fourth Ave with JCPL. The lights are now operational.


  1. Life Saving Station: The Borough had gone out to bid a second time on this project. Again the lowest bid was in excess of the cost estimate. This project does involve grant money from the Historic Trust, a Community Development Block Grant, a Monmouth County Open Space and Recreation Grant, funds from the Life Saving Group and Borough tax dollars. The Committee plans on meeting with our historic architect, a representative of the Historic Trust, and the Borough Attorney to discuss what our options to move forward on this project.


  1. Community Center Grant: A grant application has been submitted for a Monmouth County Open Space and Recreation Grant. This program awards up to $250,000.00 for approved projects. Grant awards normally occur in late fall.


  1. Riverside Drive & Third Ave Bulkhead: The County and the Borough of Manasquan had received a grant for 1.5 million dollars towards bulk heading the area along Third Ave, from Riverside Drive. The Borough owns approximately 60 feet of the water edge in that area, with the balance belonging to Monmouth County. The Borough Engineer and County Parks Department are working with the State DEP to establish what type of material they will permit to be used in that area.


  1. Manasquan Plaza Study: The Borough had received a grant for $60,000.00 to perform a traffic and parking study of our plaza area. Professionals had submitted resumes and met with an advisory committee to discuss their qualification and ideas. The Borough appointed Tom Bauer (Mellio and Buaer) and Al Hilla (Birdsal Engineering) to do this study. Community outreach meetings on this study will be held in the near future in Council Chambers at Borough Hall.


  1. Beach Fence: Over the winter the Public Works department will be replacing the split rail fence on the west side of the dunes. This work had been started in the early summer, but due to the amount of people in the work area, it was decided to hold off in the interest of safety.


  1.  COAH Third Round: The Borough is working with our professional Planner and attorneys to develop our Third Round Plan. Mr. Rich Cramer (T&M), Mr. Jeff Surenian and Mr. Ken Fitzsimmons will advise the Council on what we need to do to comply with the Third Round regulations. This plan needs to be in place by December 31, 2008 in order to be protected from a “builders remedy” through the courts. This action would challenge our zoning laws for increased density or building height in order to provide affordable units.


The Borough is also working with the League of Municipalities to challenge some of these rules. We, along with many other communities question how the new rules address tear downs and rebuilds. Currently they would count this as a new unit (not a replacement) which adds to our obligation to provide more affordable units in town.

The Borough is a fully developed community, with very little, if any, vacant land. Over the first two rounds “a vacant land adjustment” was applied, which resulted in Manasquan having an obligation to rehabilitate existing homes for low to moderate income residents. We have actively done this over the past 10 years. This program is funded through the developer fees we collect on building permits.



  1. New Jersey Transit Property: The Borough participated in a meeting with NJ Transit and Mr. Mark Hermann (Building owner) in regards to the maintenance of the train station property. At one time the Borough held a lease to that property, and was responsible for maintenance but this is no longer the case. The building on the property is owned by Mr. Herman, who leases the land from New Jersey Transit. Both Mr. Herman and the Borough had concerns about the way the property was being maintained. This meeting should address our concerns.


I do want to point out, that the Sea Lavender Club has done an excellent job maintaining the area around the clock. This area always looks good, and everyone appreciates the time they donate to maintain that area. My preceding comment in no way refers to the area they maintain so well.

  1. OEM: The Borough is very fortunate to have two excellent people handling our OEM activities. Dave Kirscher and Chris Tucker provide a valuable service to this community. Their combined knowledge addresses most of the concerns we have. Dave worked for many years in the Prosecutors Office and is very familiar with homeland security issues. Chris work for the coastal section of the State DEP and is very knowledgeable when it comes to storm issues. Both are volunteer fireman in town and Chris is now a full time fireman in NYC.


Recently they were able to replace the blue military vehicle we purchased after the 1992 storm. They were able to obtain two newer similar vehicles from the military at a very reasonable cost. They even flew to Ohio to drive them back to save us shipping costs. They are now in the process of equipping them. One of these vehicle will be able to be set up for use by the Fire Department when needed.

  1. Beach Tractor: Over the summer, and right before the July 4th weekend, we had a major problem with our beach tractor. Brett Neilson and Wally Wall were able to track down a replacement tractor in time for our weekend rush. Although an emergency purchase, they were able to locate the rake at a cost $20,000.00 less then what was offered locally.


  1. Street Paving:     The Council has put in place $250,000.00 towards paving roads in the Borough. For many years our priority has been doing work on roads which had very bad sewer or water lines. We normally do the underground work first, and then come back and do paving. We plan on using this appropriated money to pave roads that are in poor shape, and which have good underground utilities. Just paving a road is much less costly then doing water and sewer line replacement.


I do want to point out one issue which we also take into consideration when selecting a road to be paved. We also look at the profile of the road. The number one complaint I receive in town is standing water. Our town is so flat that we have many areas where water does not flow to a catch basin. When we pave a road we also want to ensure that we have adequate gutter flow. We do not want to create a problem where water stands in front of your house, or we take a puddle which is currently in front of you home and move it to your neighbors.

I raise these points so you understand a lot of issue are involved when paving a roadway. 

  1. Community Bulletin Board: The Public Property and Grounds Committee has been exploring the installation of a digital Community Bulletin Board at Borough Hall.  This board will be similar to what you have seen in Brielle and in other communities. We feel it will be a real benefit in our attempts to keep the residents informed. We plan on gathering some more information at an upcoming trade show, so we select the correct product. It is anticipated that this sign will be operation in late winter or early spring of 09.


  1. Borough Hall Painting: The paint on Borough Hall is showing a lot of wear and tear. The Council has agreed that we need to address this problem. It has been decided that we will use “Cedar Impressions” in place of the paint. The installation cost will be about higher then paint, but the maintenance of the building will be a lot less over time.
    • Retirements:     Several Borough employees will be leaving us in the near future. Penny Hamilton will be leaving the Borough Clerk’s Office on November 1, 2008. Joanne Madden will be retiring on January 1, 2009 as CFO in our Finance Department. Tim Devereux will be retiring this fall from the Public Works Department. I am sure all appreciate the fine work they have done and wish they the best in retirement.                  



201 East Main Street • Manasquan, New Jersey 08736

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