Borough of Manasquan, New Jersey


Joseph DeIorio, CMFO, QPA

201 East Main Street, Manasquan, NJ  08736
Phone Number  732-223-0544
Fax Number  732-223-5210
Office Hours – 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Finance Department is responsible for the receipt, safeguarding, investment, and disbursement of municipal funds, which include purchasing, tax collection, accounts payable, pension and payroll.  The Finance Office oversees the operations of the Tax Collector’s Office, the Tax Assessor’s Office, Purchasing Office, Water/Sewer Utility, and the Beach Utility.

In addition, the Finance Department is responsible for creating the annual operations and capital budget, tracking expenditures against the budget, submitting the budget approved by the governing body to the State of New Jersey and reporting budget status to the governing body on an ongoing basis.


2015 User Friendly Budget
2015 Budget

2014 Budget

2013 Budget

2012 Budget

2011 Budget

2010 Budget
2009 Budget
2008 Budget


2013 Audit
2012 Audit
2011 Audit

2010 Audit
2009 Audit
2008 Audit


2014 Annual Financial Statement
2013 Annual Financial Statement


Authorization Agreement for Direct Payments (ACH) Debit- Taxes PDF

Also pay online - click on the graphic below.

Wipp Program - Property Tax and Sewer-Water Bill Credit Card PAyment and peoperty Information Lookup

All vendors who receive any payment from the Borough of Manasquan must supply us with a New Jersey Business Registration Certificate (BRC).


201 East Main Street • Manasquan, New Jersey 08736

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