Borough of Manasquan, New Jersey



OEM in concert with police, fire & first aid has implemented a high water dispatch policy that includes a high water alarm in police headquarters as well as automated dispatch of high water vehicles and equipment for emergency response during flood conditions.

A new flashing sign has been added along Brielle Road in the vicinity of 4th Avenue in order to aid in disseminating information regarding flooding and other urgent bulletins.  This sign will work in concert with established emergency alert systems including AM radio station 1620.  Alerts are now being posted on the Beach Building sign on Main Street and 1st Avenue, time permitting.

The Office of Emergency Management has modified the action level triggering emergency alerts in light of the access issues west of Fourth Avenue.  Alerts are now when water levels rise to within 6-inches of the threshold for minor coastal flooding.

The Borough is working with Stevens Institute of Technology's Coastal Monitoring System in developing a storm surge prediction model specifically for Manasquan.  This model will be able to predict water levels out 48 hours in advance and will have the ability to notify residents when water levels are expected to exceed preset levels several days in advance.  The model is undergoing calibrating and we expect it to be online within the next month.


Brielle Road Project:

The Borough has been aggressively coordinating feasibility, engineering, design and funding for a proposed project that will include elevating low portions of Brielle road, including the intersections of 2nd, 3rd and 4th Avenues as well as Glimmerglass Circle & Deep Creek Drive.   

The first step included a detailed mobile laser survey "LiDAR" of the project area which was conducted two weeks ago.  This week, Borough engineers conducted a geo-technical analysis including several "borings" of the underlying soils in order to determine ultimate design requirements.  Engineers are now working on preliminary design for the project based upon the recently completed surveys. 

Last week the Borough received preliminary commitment from the County of Monmouth to contribute a portion of the hazard mitigation infrastructure funds allocated to the County for flood mitigation on Brielle Road.  With this commitment, Manasquan was able to initiate a formal FEMA application for Hazard Mitigation funding for the project. Borough officials met today with NJ OEM and FEMA representatives to discuss the application and review the project area and the impacts the closure of the bridge and associated flooding has on our residents.  The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management has designated Brielle Road as a priority project and has requested expedited FEMA review.

The Borough has enacted provisions of the New Jersey Local Contracts Law which permits emergency contracts with vendors.  We are using this provision to solicit paving contractors similar the Monmouth County’s use of the same law for the repair of the Glimmer Glass Bridge.

Furthermore, Mayor Dempsey, Councilman Michael Mangan and Councilman Michael Sinneck met with Assemblyman Rible and representatives for Senator Singer and Assemblyman Kean to discuss a recently submitted application for discretionary aid from the New Jersey Department of Transportation for the Brielle Road Project.

While we are completing project specifications as quickly as possible, the commencement of the project will depend upon the response from FEMA and our state regulatory agencies.

Updates have been provided at each meeting of the Governing Body and will be provided on this website as new information arises.

201 East Main Street • Manasquan, New Jersey 08736

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