Borough of Manasquan, New Jersey


ISSUED JANUARY 22, 2016 12:00 HRS

A voluntary evacuation has been issued for the Tier 1 flood zone which includes low-lying flood prone areas in Manasquan.   Roads will become impassable Saturday due to blizzard conditions and coastal flooding, and the latest storm surge guidance continues to indicate the potential for widespread moderate to low-end major coastal flooding.  

It is recommended that residents in non-elevated structures located in the voluntary evacuation area, particularly the elderly and special needs persons, shut off utilities in their homes and move themselves, vehicles and pets to higher ground until the flooding subsides. Emergency services may not be able to access these areas for an extended period on Saturday.  Given the forecasted blizzard conditions and potential for extensive power outages, even if your residence has been elevated, it is recommended that you leave until the flooding subsides mid-day Sunday.

Due to the severe weather conditions and coastal flooding on Saturday, it is recommended that resident’s leave by tonight.

The following addresses are within the Tier 1 voluntary evacuation area:

2nd Ave (#1-#79, #116-#160, #210-#240)
3rd Ave
4th Ave
Brielle Road (#30-#580)
Captains Ct
Cedar Ave (#458-#470)
Deep Creek Dr
Dewey Ave (#80+)
Drawbridge Lane
E. Main St (#500-#560)
E. Main St (#420-#460)
Euclid Ave (#460 -#480)
Glimmer Glass Circle
Holly Pl
Long Ave
Meadow Ave
Ocean Ave (#100, #102, #104)
Pearce Ct
Perrine Blvd
Pickle Alley
Riddle Way
River Place
S. Farragut Ave (#80+)
S. Jackson Ave (#70 and up)
S. McClellan Ave (#80+)
Tarpon Ave
Watson Pl

It is recommended that evacuees plan to stay with family and or friends for this brief duration if at all possible.  Manasquan has made arrangements with the local ministerium for shelter and warming station for this storm.  Residents requesting shelter services are directed to contact the Manasquan Police at (732) 223-1000.

Evacuees are advised to bring any required medicines, non-perishable foods, and bedding including sleeping bags and pillows.   Please be advised that pets will not be accepted at this shelter, and residents must make plans to shelter pets elsewhere.






201 East Main Street • Manasquan, New Jersey 08736

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