Borough of Manasquan, New Jersey

Tree Work Initiated by JCPL

Dear Resident,

This notice is to inform residents and property owners in Manasquan about tree excavation work being initiated by JCP&L through its contractor  RT Davies Inc tree service in compliance with recent New Jersey Board of Public Utilities regulations.

We were notified by an official of Monmouth County that RT Davies Inc. has been contracted by JCP&L to comply with new regulations by the Board of Public Utilities to protect overhead electrical lines in "lock out zones"  

Based on information from RT Davies Inc, the Borough is very concerned about the extent of tree work planned to be conducted.  If true, JCP&L will be decimating a considerable amount of our community's tree inventory beginning Tuesday January 12th. The areas targeted include but not limited to:

- East Main Street from Rt 71 to Third Avenue
- The entire lengths of South Street, Broad Street,Stockton Lake Boulevard, Ocean    Avenue, Cowart Avenue, and Lake Avenue.
- Virginia Avenue between South Street and Route 71
- Curtis Avenue between South Street and Route 71

The Borough of Manasquan is also concerned with the manner in which limited information and notice was provided to the Borough and its residents. Borough officials have made great strides to achieve a policy and practice of transparency with its municipal projects and initiatives; we expect the same from others who may impact the quality of life in our community.

Borough representatives will be meeting with JCP&L and  RT Davies Inc  on Monday,after which we will be able to provide you with more information. 

In the meantime, we are asking residents in the areas above to email us with any information regarding notifications provided, or not provided, by JCP&L or its subcontractor RT Davies Inc. You can email this information to Borough Administrator Joseph DeIorio at

Furthermore, we would ask that you reach out to the following to register your concerns about the potential irreparable harm this may place on the aesthetics, environment and value to the Borough of Manasquan. Also request a full disclosure of the extent of tree work being conducted.


Ron Morano

Public Relations
New Jersey – Jersey Central Power & Light
(973) 401-8097

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
To File a Complaint by phone - 1-800-624-0241
To File a Complaint on line and others means -

New Jersey District 30 Legislative Representatives
Senator Robert Singer  (732) 987-5669 -
Assemblyman Sean Kean/Assemblyman David Rible (732) 974-0400






201 East Main Street • Manasquan, New Jersey 08736

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