Borough of Manasquan, New Jersey

Planning Board

Manasquan has a joint Board, Planning Board/Board of Adjustment.


Neil B. Hamilton - Chairman - CL IV
John Muly - Vice Chairman - CL IV
Mayor Edward G. Donovan - CL I
Kevin Thompson - Mayor's Alternate

- Council Liaison
Barbara Ilaria - Cl II
Greg Love - Environmental Commission Liaison
Leonard Sullivan - Cl IV
Joan Harriman - CL IV
Mark Apostolou - Alt #2
Peter Ragan - Alt #1
Robert Young - Cl IV
John Burke - Cl IV

Mary C Salerno - Secretary to the Board
Geoffrey S. Cramer - Attorney to the Board
Albert D. Yodakis - Engineer/Planner - BORO Engineering

*in the absence or disqualification of both the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman.

Planning Board Agendas

The Planning Board acts as a Planning Commission and also has the ability to grant Variances in acting capacity as the Board of Adjustments.

The Manasquan Planning Board meets twice a month in the Council Chambers. The meetings usually are the first and third Tuesday of the month and regular meetings begin at 7pm and special meetings begin at 4pm. Any questions can be forwarded to (732) 223-0544, extension 245. The Planning Board is responsible for the enforcement of the Manasquan regulations that set standards for business and residential zones. These standards govern permitted uses, signs, structure/building sizes, locations and setback requirements. A Zoning review ensures that there are no conflicts with the Zoning ordinances, before a construction permit is issued or any proposed change of use or new use is allowed. Proposed projects that do not comply are referred to the Planning Board.

The Planning Board considers applications for site plan review and provides variances as to permitted uses and applications for subdivisions. The Planning Board makes determinations as to the Adoption of the Master Plan. The Board makes recommendations to the Mayor and Council with regard to zoning ordinances and amendments. Each Planning Board meeting has a specific agenda of the applications pending. During a hearing for an application the public has an opportunity to speak regarding that specific application only. The agendas are posted at Borough Hall a few days prior to each meeting. The Secretary can be contacted regarding agendas.


Link to Planning Board Forms


201 East Main Street • Manasquan, New Jersey 08736

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