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Railroad Station Project

    Mayor and Council has been working with New Jersey Transit on a project that will improve the appearance of the existing site, improve the parking on New Jersey Transit property, and to provide a building to replace the train station which had been destroyed by fire.

    The Borough of Manasquan has received authorization for the improvement portion of this project in the amount of $400,000.00 (NJ Transit funds). The improvements are mostly completed, with some work remaining. The scope of the project involves improved parking along Mount Lane and Colby Ave. , a new layout for parking in the main parking lot so as to accommodate a new train station, and landscape improvements in these areas. In addition, New Jersey Transit has agreed to share the cost of a new Victorian style clock to be installed on the East Main Street side of the main lot.

    New Jersey Transit and the Borough of Manasquan has worked together on a bid specification for the development of a new train station in the main lot area. A private company will build and retain ownership of the building and lease the land from New Jersey Transit for 30 years. Any additional use of the building must comply with zoning requirements. An Advisory Committee from the Borough will work with the private company on the look of the building to ensure it fits into our community. This portion of the project has been awarded. A start date for construction has not been given.

    Overall, this project will improve the area and improve accommodations for New Jersey Transit riders.

    Parker Ave Project

    This project is being driven by the need to improve the sewer line, which currently is undersized, and in poor condition.

    The scope of the project will involve the replacement of the sewer line, new curbs sidewalks, and a roadway overlay. Currently the project area is from Main Street to the HT Hall site. Some sections of Woodland Ave may have curb and sidewalk improvements.

    Manasquan had received partial funding from the New Jersey Department of Transportation ($75,000.00). We are seeking additional funds for this project, as the grant we received is about 20% of what the total cost would be.

    The curb and sidewalk project will be completed under the Borough's policy of local assessment. That means the cost of these projects will be partially paid for by the homeowner adjacent to the work. If the homeowner has a 50 foot frontage, they would share the cost with the Borough for 50 feet of curb / sidewalk which is installed.

    I would estimate that this work would be done in the spring or fall of 2005.

    Water Department Metering Wells

The Borough has awarded a bid to Mark Woszczak for $43,500 to install meters on the water systems pumps that provide drinking water for the town. Mr. Woszczak was the lowest of three bidders. This work was required by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

This project is almost complete with some punch list items remaining.

Basketball Courts

Manasquan Recreation obtained a grant for $64,575.00 to improve the existing basketball courts at Curtis Park, Indian Hill Park , and Mallard Park . A bid was awarded to L & L Paving in the amount of $63,200.00. This project involves new backboards, a court surface overlay, and two tone color painting of the surface.

Currently all the surfacing of the courts is complete, with the painting being completed at Mallard Park and Indian Hill Park . Curtis Park painting should be completed after the holiday.

Bike Path Improvement

The Borough obtained a grant for $20,000.00 from the Department of Transportation for improvements to the bike path and roadways to the beach. The project will involve the resurfacing of the bike path from Main Street to the Wall Township boarder. In addition, the Borough will replace current storm water inlet grates to bike safety grates, along major roadways to the Manasquan Beach from the end of the bike path.

This project should be completed in the fall of 2004.

Playground Equipment

Mayor and Council approved a bond ordinance to replace some of the outdated equipment in our parks. Councilman Jacobson has been working with Tom Bauer (resident and local landscape architect) to develop a layout for the new equipment. The design has recently been completed and we should be purchasing the equipment under state bid shortly. It is our goal to install this equipment as soon as possible.

In addition to this work, Mayor and Council has authorized me to submit a grant application to the State for further upgrades of our equipment.

Stockton Park Project

Mayor and Council have been working with Manasquan Recreation, Manasquan - Brielle Little League and Manasquan In-line Hockey on improvements at Stockton Park . The goal is to improve the current layout of the fields, in-line rink, and location of the skate board park.

Funding for this project is a combination of Manasquan Borough funds ($180,000.00) Borough of Brielle ($60,000.00), and funds from our remaining partners in this project.

In addition, we are submitting a grant application to the State for the installation of new tennis courts at this park.

The design for the project is complete and ready to bid. We are awaiting clearance from CAFRA in order to proceed.

Inlet Comfort Station - Gazebo

The Beach Committee has been working with an architect to design and build a new comfort station at the inlet. The current comfort station is in need of repair and ADA improvements. We are awaiting CAFRA approval for the project, which we anticipate will be started in the fall of 2004.

Repair work has begun on the inlet gazebo. The flooring, rails and supports have been replaced with new material that is maintenance free. I am currently working with local contractors to finish the interior roof area. I hope to have this work done by the end of September.

South Street Paving

Monmouth County has advised me that South Street , from Main Street to the Brielle boarder, will be paved in early October of 2004. In addition ADA work will be done at intersection where handicap corners have not been installed. Letters have been sent to the property owners on this street advising them of the project and requesting that they make any changes to underground utilities now as the county may not allow a street opening once the paving is complete.

Other then the ADA work, this project does not involve curbs and sidewalks.

Coast Guard Station Project

The Borough has received grant funds for $35,000.00 from the Community Development program towards the ADA work to be completed at the Ocean Ave Coast Guard Station. Other work will be done to the interior to improve the usability of the building as well as repairs to the exterior of the structure.

Over the winter we have obtained approval from the State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO) for the proposed improvements.

It is anticipated that the ADA work, interior and exterior work should begin this summer and be completed for building use the spring / summer of 2005.

In addition to the work being done to the main building, the Borough has been working with the Coast Guard in Washington to improve the appearance and security of the tower site, which they retained ownership to when the property was transferred to the Borough several years ago. We plan on having a concept approved for installation of a new fence in the fall of 2005.

Perrine Blvd Water Line

The Water Department has had many problems with the water line along Perrine Blvd. The current water line, although useable, has had several water main breaks and sections of pipe have been replaced in order to make repairs.

The Public Works Committee, along with the Water & Sewer Department supervisor has developed a plan to phase in repairs over the next 9 to 12 years. By phasing in the repairs we can minimize the impact of the cost of the repairs on the water and sewer rate.

Acquisition of Sea Watch Beach

Councilman Schmeling has been heading up the committee to purchase the Sea Watch property and refreshment stand. The current owner and the Borough have signed a memorandum of understanding. A formal contract is being prepared. The purchase price is six million dollars.

We are working with the Green Acres office in Trenton to obtain grants towards this acquisition. Manasquan is a Planning Incentive Community and have an open space acquisition tax. Thus we are optimistic that we should be eligible for 50% of the accessed value of the property.

In addition, I have spoken to other non profit groups to gain their financial assistance in obtaining this property. Council has also instructed me to apply under the Monmouth County Open Space program for funding towards this project.

The goal of this acquisition is to maintain this beach and property for public use while minimizing the impact on the taxpayers of Manasquan.

Storm Water Plan

The State of New Jersey , Department of Environmental Protection, has passed regulations on water that enters streams, lakes, rivers and other water bodies, from our storm water system. The Borough is currently working to meet the timelines set out in these regulations.

Compliance with these regulations does not come without a monetary cost to the taxpayer. It will involve mapping of existing outflows, the development of best practices to minimize the impact on waterways, and some capital improvements to facilities for new and existing buildings.

Ocean Ave Comfort Station

During September of 2004 work will be done on the roof and windows of the comfort station. The roof will be replaced as will all the windows.

During the winter season we will be looking to do some other repairs to the tile floorings and walls of the bathrooms.

Completed Projects:

Marcellus Ave (Fall 2003)

Since my last newsletter the Morris Ave improvement project is complete, other then some punch list items. This was a project driven by the need to replace the sewer line. The Borough received a grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation towards this project ($180,000.00). In addition to the sewer line, the project involved new curbs, sidewalks and street paving.

Morris Ave (Spring 2004)

Morris Ave was completed in the spring of 2004. Again, an older problematic sewer line drove this project. The Borough received a grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation in the amount of $155,000.00 towards a $315,000.00 project. Currently, punch list items remain.

Sidewalks ( Third Ave. , Hwy 71 & Whiting Ave )

The Borough received $100,000.00 towards this project from the State. Last summer sidewalks and curbs were installed along Third Ave from Brielle Road to Fisherman's Cove. The bid on this project was favorable, so with the remaining funds sidewalks were installed along the east side of Hwy 71 from Stockton Lake Blvd to Blakey, and on Whiting Ave from First Ave to Timber Lane .

These projects should greatly improve pedestrian safety.

Other Projects Pending:

  • Storm Water Improvements: Seeking Grant Funding
  • Perrine Blvd. Bulkhead: Seeking Grant funding
  • South Monmouth Regional Sewer Authority: Sewer line work at various locations in Manasquan. Fall of 2004.
  • Plaza Improvements

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